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We build the next Unicorns!

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Entrepreneurs & Early Stage Partner

​ESP Capital is an Early stage Venture Fund with the mission to support and invest in tech startup companies in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. We aim to provide support for companies that can create profound impact to improve life qualities.

​Our strategy is to support a complete ecosystem around our customer’s lives, including real-estate, career development, healthcare, education, commerce, transportation, entertainment, hospitality, etc.

Our clients effectively utilize human talents and technological innovations to disrupt the market 

About us

Investment & fund raising

Connect with prominent start-ups in the region thanks to our extensive network of business partners and mentors in various fields.

Strategic planning

Refine founders’ strategic direction and vision to take the companies to the next level.

Competency building

Enhance our client's competencies through various activities, including talent acquisition, capability based training, operation optimization, etc.

it services

Enhance our portfolio company’s competencies through various activities, including talent acquisition, capability based training, operation optimization, etc.

Our Strategy

ESP seeks to invest and support potential startups to create
an ecosystem dedicated to millennials.

Southeast Asia is one of fastest growing markets thanks to the increasing number of young customers (median age in ASEAN countries is 28.8 years old), and the rise of middle class (estimated to reach 400 million by 2020.) Among those, millennials are considered the key driver of the economic growth in this region, due to their increasing purchasing power and tech savviness.


Millennials have a variety of needs in their life, ranging from working, housing, shopping, healthcare, education, entertainment, and travelling. ESP’s strategy is to support potential startups with products and services that facilitate millennials’ life.


ESP helps the teams to leverage each other’s advantages, so that they could bring about ultimate values to customers. Once customers are acquired by any clients into the ecosystem, ESP would encourage all the startups in the ecosystem to offer every user suitable services, which helps to retain and maximize customer lifetime value. Besides, customers would be able to enjoy more benefits from the startups, indulging in a more comfortable lifestyle.


Our portfolio companies

tải xuống.jpg

The leading healthcare platform in Vietnam, focusing on O2O booking to build moats.

tải xuống.png

The leading Edtech startup in Vietnam that focuses on training skills needed for the new 4.0 era


Social selling platform revolutionizes the way everyone sells online

Vietnam's leading real estate portal 

Vietnam's largest social community for

cooking lovers





Nam Nguyen




Cuong Vong


chi Huong.jpg


Huong Duong




Luan Nhan




Son Tran


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Week 6-10

Week 13-14

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